Home Security: Deterrents/Security Cameras

What is a Deterrent?


A deterrent is something that is intended to discourage someone from doing something. In our case, this would be something like a flood light, security system, security cameras, or other home security systems. Security cameras alone make your home 300% less likely to be broken into compared to homes without surveillance cameras!


If you have more than one deterrent (i.e. motion flood lights and security cameras), your home becomes less and less likely to be broken into.



Unfortunately, deterrents aren’t 100%. Sometimes burglars or thieves don’t know they’re being watched! Or they’re determined enough to try to break in or steal from you even though they know they’re being watched. In these cases, it is important to:

  1. Make sure your cameras are noticeable (maybe add a motion flood light to certain key areas),
  2. Have high-quality cameras that can catch as much detail as possible of the person,
  3. Place your cameras strategically so they catch as much footage of the burglar or thief as possible so you can report it to the police.


We work with some of the best security cameras on the market and can help you determine the best placement for your security cameras, flood lights or motion detection devices. Contact us today for your free quote!